Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment methods are accepted?

Currently we accept all major credit cards such as Visa Card, Master Card, UnionPay through our partner onepay.vn and Bank transfer to our bank account.

2. How long in advance should I make the reservation?

To ensure tickets are booked for your travel dates, please reserve your tickets at least 1 week before your travel date during normal season.

For high seasons, please book your ticket as early as possible because we cannot guarantee ticket is available.

3. How do I buy tickets for my children?

Children under 16 years old are required to travel with parents and tickets can be purchased as normal by following all the steps on the website.

4. Is the ticket price inclusive of taxes and fees and what is the baggage allowance?

The final ticket price you paid is inclusive of tax, fee and 20kg checked baggage for each passenger.

5. What is the different between hard berth, soft berth and VIP berth?

Hard berth cabin: there’re 6 berths in one cabin with thinner mattress.

Soft berth cabin: there’re 4 berths in one cabin and thicker mattress

VIP berth cabin: there’re 2 berths in one cabin with high quality facility. This cabin is only available for train from Hanoi to Sapa, Hue, Da Nang on some trains and return.

6. Can I travel to Hoi An by train?

There is no train to Hoi An. Please travel to Da Nang by train then takes taxi or bus to Hoi An. It takes you only 30 minutes to get there.

7. Please guide me how to travel from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi train station?

From Noi Bai International Airport, please:

- Take taxi (USD25 - USD28) to go to Hanoi train station. It takes you about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get there.

- Take buses operating by Vietnam Airlines (please check with any staff at the airport to know the parking location) to Hanoi centre. It’ll stop at Quang Trung Street and from there, you can catch a taxi or motorbike-taxi (local called: xe om) to travel to Hanoi train station. It costs you 30.000 – 40.000 VND and 10 – 15 minutes.

8. After payment, how do I collect my ticket?

Once payment is received, we’ll process your booking to issue e-ticket (if travel on Reunifications Trains - Thong Nhat trains) then send to your registered email. You can print out e-ticket to use for boarding with your passport or simply show it on your smart-phone.

If you travel to Sapa or return, we’ll issue a booking confirmation or ticket voucher then send to your registered email. Please be at Tran Quy Cap train station (Hanoi station B), No.1, Tran Quy Cap street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time to exchange paper ticket at our ticket offices (with name on board for each carrier), then our staff will send you to the train.

9. What if I want to cancel my ticket?

Please email to reservations@vietnamrailwaycorp.com for cancellation and refund.

Kindly check out our Terms & Conditions with Fare Rules listed for more information about charges apply for cancellation requests.

10. Does www.vietnamrailwaycorp.com offer multiple routes?

www.vietnamrailwaycorp.com does not offer this type of ticket yet. If you plan to travel by train for more than 01 route, please email to reservations@vietnamrailwaycorp.com for supports or you can book one by one route through our website with the multiple destination option.

11. What should I do if I miss the train?

Please buy new ticket for next available train at the train station. Your bought ticket cant be refunded as it's 100% charged as NO SHOW.

12. I lost my baggage on the train, please support.

Right after you find out that your baggage is lost, please ask for supports from train staff or any staff at the train station where you're landing.

13. We're a group of 2 paxes and we do not want to share the cabin with others, can we do that?

Please book 4 tickets and pay for 4 to enjoy your privacy. Name can be repeated.

14. Is there any 5-star train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and return?

Yes, it's. Please book on SE3/SE5 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and SE4/SE6 from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi. They're new trains with 5-star services and high quality equipments. Ticket price is a bit higher but it's worth what you paid.

15. Can I have some information about foods & beverages on the Thong Nhat trains?

There's one cabin selling foods and beverages at the first or middble carriage of any train. It's not something special but normal quality, so do not put too much expectation.

16. My son is below 2 years old and we want to take Sapa train, any discount for him?

For Sapa train, if your son share a berth with parent, he'll be free. If you want to take a berth for him, please pay as adult ticket.

17. Can I take a shuttle bus from Lao Cai station to Sapa and return?

Yes, please book your shuttle bus together with your train ticket to get a good combo. Bus driver will welcome you at the train station then send you to the bus.

He will then drop you at Sapa Church and pick-up you at 5:00 - 5:30 PM at this address on your return date.

18. Can you help us to book a tour guide to Sapa?

Yes, we'll support you. Please email to reservations@vietnamrailwaycorp.com with full information and requirement.

19. Do you have any train to Ha Long Bay?

There's no train to Ha Long Bay yet. If you want to travel to this place, please take shuttle buses or private transports.

For booking or further supports, please email to reservations@vietnamrailwaycorp.com with full information and requirement.

20. What should I do if i get sick during the journey on train/ in Sapa/ in Vietnam?

Please contact us at +8437 776 7362 anytime for directions or for emergency, you can ask for help from anyone around you.

  1. Sapa Public Security phone#: 02143 871 503/02143 871 226
  2. Sapa Tourirst Management: 0912 228 108
  3. Sapa Martket Management: 0912 010 521
  4. Sapa General Hospital: 0203 518 558