Before Arrival

Please ensure your paper ticket (or e-ticket) and passport is with you to avoid the refusal and make sure that you'll be arrived at the train station at least 30 minutes (1 hour during high seasons) before departure. For your information, Vietnam Railways newly implement the automatic ticket scan gate at Hanoi train station and Saigon train station for passengers' convenience and safety. Other train stations are remained as staffs check at the boarding gates.

At the train station

Please take care of your belongings at the train station and on the train too because there are some pick-pockets around.

If you cant find your train, your cabin or your seats, please ask for help from staffs (dressed in uniform of Vietnam Railways) as soon as possible by showing them your tickets.

If you have not purchased your ticket yet and want to purchase at the train station, please go to ticket office inside the train station. DO NOT buy from someone outside, it's scam or fake ticket, you will not be allowed to get on the train.

On the train

Your ticket should be kept until your trip is finished and you get out of the train station because during the trip, Vietnam Railways staff will check on your ticket to ensure you stay in correct cabin, seat or berth.

Toilets are designed at 2 sides of each train, please ask Vietnam Railways staff if you cant find it.

Free foods or drinks should be provided to your cabin by the staff of the train company you book with. Kindly contact/ask the staff served on your cabin before purchasing anything.

On the train, there's one cabin selling foods (noodle, cakes,snack...) and drinks. This cabin is serving all kind of passengers (passengers from tourirst cabins and non-tourist cabins) and you're required to pay by yourself. Please check the price before paying.

For your hygiene and food safety reasons, not many kind foods are served on the train. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Your belongings should be put under your berth or your seat. Always remember to keep an eye on it to avoid missing.


When your train is arrived the destination, please do not forget to take all belongings with ticket on hand to get out of the train.

We hope you enjoy our information and Please email to for any request or concern in regards to your booking with us, about Vietnam Railways, weather, transports...or quick advice before purchasing our product to ensure you have a memorable trip.