Vietnam Railway Corporation launches new high-quality trains to serve passengers

The Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) has recently put six new third-generation trains into operation along the Thong Nhat railway route, with the goal of improving the quality of vehicles in order to best serve passengers’ travel demand.

This is a system of new-generation carriages made of top-line materials and equipped with the essential comforts needed for north-south journeys.

Each train consists of 15 carriages, including the locomotive, with the pilot train SE4 featuring four high-end soft-seat carriages featuring 56 seats each.

Compared to the previous generation trains, these new carriages have more spacious and solid luggage racks to ensure safety. In addition, there are venues for passengers’ bulk suitcases at both ends of each carriage.

The bed compartments are equipped with a luxury interior, offering a reading light with a USB charger for each passenger.

With the view of increasing conveniences to meet passengers’ entertainment demand, each carriage is equipped with a bookshelf and four electronic visual displays.

In addition to the enhancement of vehicle quality, the service staff on these new trains have also been provided with additional professional training at the Vietnam Aviation Academy.

The service staff have nice appearances and most of them have good foreign language qualifications in order to serve foreign passengers on board.

The VNR also pilots the offering of free airline meals on these new trains. This is one of the new services implemented by the VNR, in collaboration with the Southern Airports Services Joint Stock Company (SASCO).

The canteen carriage, located in the middle of the train, is equipped with insulation tanks to store meals and ovens, aiming to provide hot and nutritious meals for passengers.

The processed meals are transported to the trains one hour ahead of their departure, following a close procedure of quality control and preservation.

As scheduled, Saigon Railways will operate one train per day on the Thong Nhat railway route. It takes 30 hours for each train to move from the starting terminal to the terminal at its destination.