New regulations on luggage transportation when traveling by train starting from February 2024

Vietnam Railways Corporation has just announced the implementation of new regulations on luggage transportation by train: starting from February 2024, hand luggage for each passenger is exempt from fees up to 20kg, with a maximum length of 0.8m, width not exceeding 0.5m, height not exceeding 0.4m, and maximum volume of 0.16m3. If exceeding this limit, passengers must pay additional fees. Oversized luggage must be sent to the luggage compartment (if available).

Passengers must pack checked luggage properly, ensuring it is not damaged, broken, spilled, displaced, or affecting other luggage during loading, unloading, and transportation. Each piece of cargo can be up to 2.5m long, not wider than 0.5m, with a volume not exceeding 0.5m3, and a maximum weight of 75kg, and a minimum of 5kg per item.

Bicycles for checked luggage are charged at 50kg; Electric bicycles, motorcycles with a displacement of less than 50cm3 are charged at 100kg, electric motorcycles and motorcycles from 50cm3 to less than 125cm3 are charged at 150kg. Motorcycles with a displacement from 125cm3 to less than 250cm3 are charged at 250kg; motorcycles with various displacements from 250cm3 to less than 500cm3 are charged at 450kg.

Checked luggage is priced from 1,500 to 5,000 VND per kilogram depending on the weight of the shipment.

After completing the procedures for checking luggage, passengers or luggage senders can change the destination station, or the recipient at stations where luggage transportation operations are conducted, up to 4 hours before the train departure.

During this period, passengers or luggage senders can withdraw part or all of the checked luggage in accordance with the regulations of the enterprise.

VietnamRailwaycorp team.