New Documentation Requirements for Train Travel Effective April 1, 2024

In Decision No. 697/QD-VTHN regarding the issuance of regulations on passenger transportation on the national railway by Hanoi Railway Transport Joint Stock Company, starting from January 1, 2024, when purchasing tickets and traveling by train, ticket buyers, and passengers are required to provide personal identification documents or other documents containing full personal information recognized by law.

For foreign passengers, including: Passport or diplomatic note from the diplomatic agency, consular confirmation of passenger identity, affixed with photo, sealed with border guard stamp, and a statement explaining the loss of passport by the passenger confirmed by the local police.

For Vietnamese passengers aged 14 and above (referred to as adults), including: Passport; Identity Card (ID); Citizenship Card (CCCD); Identification or certification papers of armed forces; National Assembly member card; Press card; Party member card; Youth Union card; Driver's license for cars, motorcycles.

In cases where passengers do not have or have lost their ID/CCCD, passengers must have a photo-affixed identification confirmation with a border guard stamp from the local police where they reside.

Passengers aged 14 and under (referred to as children) include: Passport; Certified copy of birth certificate; Confirmation paper from social organization for children under foster care by social organizations, valid for 6 months from the date of confirmation.

When purchasing train tickets online, passengers must accurately declare personal information consistent with their identification documents.

While traveling by train, passengers must carry personal identification documents and related papers with matching information printed on the train boarding pass to present to railway staff upon request.

VietnamRailwaycorp team.